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  • Locations: Salzburg, Austria
  • Program Terms: Academic Year
  • Restrictions: UP applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Academic Year
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
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Program Description:

Salzburg, Austria: Year 2020-2021

PLEASE NOTE: Engineering (except Computer Science majors) and Nursing majors are not able to study in Salzburg for the year. Please view the Salzburg Semester programs Fall (Nursing) or Spring (Engineering).

The best aspect of the Salzburg program was… “the fact that it allowed me to study while being immersed in another culture and still be on track to graduate with an engineering degree in 4 years. Also, schnitzel day at the AG.”
- Jonathan Simpson
Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2016


The academic program incorporates several excursions to create a holistic and engaging educational opportunity. Local Austrian faculty will teach and prepare students for sights they will see later in the semester, adding to their cultural and intellectual experience of Europe. Program participants can also satisfy some of their core requirements while they are studying in Salzburg. For more on the program see the UP Salzburg Program Website.

Classes are held at the University of Portland Center in Salzburg. The facility consists of a spacious classroom, library (with English texts), and computer lab with printers and internet access. The program supplies students with textbooks. Classes are held between Monday and Thursday. Students are required to take courses in German and Fine Arts both semesters. In the fall all students are required to take GRM 391 "Intercultural Competence in an Austrian Context." (3 credits taught in English). In the spring, students must take MUS 304 - Developmental Music in Europe (1 credit).
Please note the following prerequisites: THE 101, PHL 150.

Three additional courses can be chosen from the following:

Fall Semester Courses:

Course # Course Name
ENG 112 Thinking Through Literature
FA 203* Dev. Arts in Europe
GRM 101/201/311* German (Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced Conversation/Composition)
GRM 391* Intercultural Competence in Austrian Context (taught in English)
PHL 220 Ethics
POL 270 European Political Systems
THE 205 Biblical Tradition and Culture

Spring Semester Courses:

Course # Course Name
FA 304 Dev. Arts in Europe
GRM 102/202/312* German (Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced Conversation and Composition)
HST 370 Early Modern Europe: 1600-1800
GRM 392 Intercultural Competence in a European Context II
PHL 330 Metaphysics
THE 372 Christian Thought in Modern Europe
GEO 370 Human Geography of Central Europe
* Required Course 

The Experience:

Located on the Western border of Austria, Salzburg is centrally located: only two hours from Munich, Germany, and three hours from Vienna. Just south of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps, Salzburg retains a fairytale-like atmosphere with its beautiful Baroque buildings and stunning white fortress, the Festung Hohensalzburg, overlooking the city. Culturally significant as the birthplace of Mozart, the setting for the Sound of Music, and its charming Altstadt (Old Town), which has been declared a UNESCO World heritage area, Salzburg offers multiple opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Year-long and semester students will share classes, living spaces, tours, etc. The tours include the following:Salzkammergut Lake District: During orientation students will visit various sites around the Salzburg area including Hallstatt, the Salt Mines, Bad Ischl, and more.
Vienna: An extended weekend tour is provided to Vienna with other stops.

Fall Tour: A week-long trip through Paris, Versailles, and Strasbourg with other stops along the way.

Spring Tour: A two-week long trip through Italy and Greece.


The University of Portland Center is a fifteen-minute walk from the center of downtown Salzburg and ten minutes from the train station. The facility consists of two buildings which include student rooms, the classroom, the director’s apartment, the library/computer lab, the dining room, living room, laundry room, kitchen, and courtyard.Student rooms are mostly doubles (two triples and two singles) with private bathrooms and showers. Rooms are furnished with beds, closets, and desks for each student. Several rooms have balcony access. Linens and towels are provided and students can do their laundry for no charge. Both washing machines and dryers are available for student use. Housekeeping staff vacuums rooms and cleans bathrooms once a week. 

All meals are provided at the Center, at a local cafeteria, or by a meal allowance. Breakfast is available every morning at the center and usually consists of cereal, granola/muesli, yogurt, fruit, hard/soft boiled eggs, bread, jam, butter, peanut butter and nutella. Lunches and dinners are available Monday through Thursday when classes are in session.

Lunches are served in the cafeteria of a local business one block from the center, and usually consist of a variety of Austrian-style foods such as schnitzel, goulash, and spaetzle (an Austrian noodle dish), though many entree options are generally offered. Dinners are provided at the center and consist of soup and sandwich-making materials. Frau Strobl on occasion also makes special additions of bratwurst or sausage. On Sunday evenings, student groups cook dinners of their choice for their peers.

On weekends and tours, students are provided with an allowance to purchase their own meals. For students staying in Salzburg, a variety of stores are available for purchasing their own meals. Additionally, nearby restaurants offer various different types of food, from traditional Austrian dishes to Chinese and Thai. Vegetarian students can easily supplement their dinners with these options.

On tour, students are often provided with meals by the hotels where the group is staying or given an allowance to explore local dining options.

Telephones are available in each room for student use, but long-distance service can be costly. Incoming calls only or using calling apps that work through WiFi connection are a good way to control expenses. During tours and travel weekends, students may find cell phones useful. Additionally, internet access is available at no cost within the computer lab, and WiFi connection is available throughout the Center.

Student life at the center is a definitive part of the Salzburg experience. Each semester, students are formed into committees that work to assist their peers in social, spiritual, cultural, sports, and stewardship areas. Each year there are usually retreats, holiday parties (Halloween, Easter, etc.), sports tournaments (basketball, foosball, etc.), and opportunities to visit local museums and attend theater performances. Additionally, there is a house council (Studentenrat) that discusses program issues with the director. Students and the director meet every Thursday evening to go over events within the community.

Outside of the center, students can attend a Catholic mass or Protestant church service in English within Salzburg, exercise at a local gym, take dance lessons, hike, or simply shop and dine out. Professors and directors alike usually have recommendations for various activities and events within the area and are happy to share them with interested students.

Travel note: At the recommendation of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, UP Year-long students will receive residence permits upon entry to Austria.For this reason, we recommend that students fly directly into Austria as the first point of entry into Europe. This will be discussed at pre-departure meetings in the spring.

Financial Aid:

Cost: $67,820 (subject to change)
This program is eligible for State, Federal, Private and UP Financial Aid.
For more financial aid information visit:

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.