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Announcements : Program Spotlight: Ireland - New for 2020!

Announcement: Program Spotlight: Ireland - New for 2020!

Travel, gain real world experience, and immerse yourself in new cultures while satisfying your
ENG/FA credits and exploring the land of Ireland!

Our newest program for Summer 2020 will take a group of UP students to Ireland! 


Week 1-2: Galway

Spend the first two weeks of the program based in Galway, Ireland. Students will live in student apartments on campus at the National University of Ireland and excursions will include: theatre performances, walking tours, museums, volunteer opportunities and more.

Week 3-5: Dublin

Spend weeks three through five based in Dublin, living in a local youth hostel. Excursions include city tours, museums, a day trip to a book festival, a cabaret show, and other cultural activities.

Week 6: Derry & Belfast

Spend the last few days of the program traveling to the cities of Derry and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Go on a city tour and explore the local Arts scene with a guest speaker and by attending a local performance.

Students will enroll in two courses to earn six total credits:


FA 391: The Arts in Ireland (fulfills FA 207 core requirement) - taught by Dr. Andrew Golla (3 credits)

Students will explore the arts in Ireland through a variety of art forms, which may include the visual arts, architecture, theatre, and film. We will explore these forms through classroom activities, attending arts events in Ireland, visiting museums, and exploring Ireland’s architecture. Ireland’s vibrant arts culture and deeply rooted history provides an exciting context for these experiences. 

ENG 391: Playboys, Rebels, Lovers: Literary Ireland (fulfills ENG 112 core requirement) - taught by Dr. Genevieve Brassard (3 credits)

This course will explore the defining characteristics of Irish Literature such as the twining of art and politics and humor as a means of resistance and survival. History, religion, family, land, and nation: these words carry much weight and meaning for Irish writers and they will focus our exploration of texts and critical perspectives this session. Because this course is part of a study abroad experience, the reading selections will match locations to be visited on field trips and excursions, and experiential learning will occur when texts are read, discussed, and understood in their real-life contexts.