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  1. What does the Office of Studies Abroad look for in an application?
Students who excel in the following three areas tend to be the most successful in their applications:

Personal qualities: We seek students who demonstrate, integrity, resilience, and depth of character. This can be demonstrated: in the student’s personal essays; in the recommendations students receive from resident directors, faculty, or employers; in disciplinary reports from residence life indicating no disciplinary violations (students on disciplinary probation may not study abroad)

Academic merit and potential: We seek students with good academic standing who have: a GPA of 2.75 or higher, indicated in their essays the academic fit of their study abroad program to their major, and received academic approval from their college or professional school’s Study Abroad Liaison.

Intrinsic motivation: We consider students with strong and specific internal motivation to study abroad by reviewing the following: the clarity of the student’s goals as articulated in application essays and the strength of the student’s interest based on a review of the amount engagement (e.g. check in at study abroad events, meeting priority deadline for applications, meeting for office hours, enrolling in courses related to program such as necessary language courses or optional preparatory courses such as Maximizing study abroad).