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Welcome to the UP Studies Abroad application home page! 

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‚ÄčApplications will open on August 27, 2018‚Äč

The priority deadline for 2019-20 programs is October 15, 2018. 

Application Instructions

In order to apply, you must:
1) Click here to see a full list of our program offerings

2) Prior to submitting your application, please see your Study Abroad Liaison if you are in one of the following schools:
  • Pamplin School of Business: Dr. Lisa Reed
    • Make an appointment through the Dean's office at 503.943.7224
  • Shiley School of Engineering: Dr. Mark Kennedy
    • Email directly at
  • School of Education: Dr. Sally Hood or Dr. Kim Ilosvay
    • Email directly at or
3) Once you have decided to which program you would like to apply and have met with your school's liaison (see above), go to that program's info page and click the purple "Apply Now" button either on the bottom of the page or near the top on the right.

4) Select the login option "I have a UP Username and Password" and use your standard UP login info (the same username and password that you use for PilotsUP - you should not include "" with your username.)

5) You will then be taken to an application page where you can complete the "Study Abroad Application" questionnaire and request one recommendation from either your RA (if you live on campus), or an employer (if you work), or a faculty member. No additional recommendations are necessary.

Please note - if you enter "" as part of your login information, the system will not recognize you as a UP applicant and you will receive an error message. Please do not attempt to reset your password. It will not work. You must use the same password that you use for everything else on campus.

Once you have completed the application questionnaire and requested a recommendation, you must click the "submit" button before your application will be considered complete and ready for review. Your application will not be considered until you have completed both the Study Abroad Application questionnaire and the recommendation request.

If you would like to participate in more than one program next year (ex: one summer and one semester program), please submit two separate applications - one to each program.

Before completing the application, please read the following:

Studying abroad on UP programs is a rewarding experience. Accordingly, the application process is competitive and students do not always get into their first choice program. Applications are evaluated on a holistic basis and the student's academic performance, disciplinary record, recommendations and essays are all considered. 

Have more questions? Please e-mail questions to You can also call or stop by the Studies Abroad office (BC114, 503.943.7857).